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Boe-Bot Robot Kit

Boe-Bot Robot Kit

SKU: 364215376135191

The Boe-Bot robot takes about 1-2 hours to put together, though each project in the Robotics text provides a unique new experience of wiring and source code tuning. No programming or electronics experience is needed!, Completing the entire set of projects takes 50 hours and is suitable for anybody over 12 years of age., The USB Board of Education (and BS2-IC) may also be removed to be used as your platform for the other kits in the Stamps in Class series., After mastering the basics, Boe-Bot add-ons let you branch out into new activities, such as making your Boe-Bot talk with a speech board, adding infrared remote control, maze contests, line following, interfacing direction sensors, and using RF modules and video/camera equipment to build a Video-Bot. Boe-Bot accessories are all sold separately, and are available through the Robot Accessories page below.


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Color: Black
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